What is a dog park?

A dog park is a public park, typically fenced, where people and their dogs can play together.  Dog Parks offer dogs off-leash play areas where their owners can enjoy a park-like setting and the chance to socialize with other canines and their owners. It allows dogs to exercise and socialize safely

Mission Statement for Friends of Litchfield Dog Park 

“To establish a fenced-in, off leash Dog Park where well-behaved canines can exercise in a clean and safe environment. Our goal is to develop a beautiful and well-maintained space open to dogs and dog lovers who are willing to uphold the park's rules and regulations. Friends of Litchfield Dog Park promotes responsible dog ownership in the community and views the park as a place where both canines and their owners can socialize, allowing dog owners to develop a more meaningful relationship with their dog and the community.”

The Pros of Having a Dog Park in Litchfield

1. A great space for the residents of Litchfield and surrounding towns to gather and socialize with their dogs. People will have a chance to meet people in the town that they would have never met otherwise. It is a great opportunity to get people out and about in the town the Litchfield, enjoying the town and each other.   

2. It will bring new people into the town to go to the dog park, helping to support local businesses and restaurants in the downtown area

3. Reduction in dog waste in the center of town and Community Field as more people would bring their dogs to the park for exercise instead of walking them through the town. It will help prevent potentially dangerous situations that could occur at places like Litchfield Community Field, which is a high traffic area for dogs and where there are often many young children.

4. Better behaved dogs in the town of Litchfield, as dogs will get much more exercise

5. It will cost the town no money, all the town must do is donate the land and allow the dog park to be built on it as Friends of Litchfield Dog Park will be raising all of the money on its own. Volunteers will be in charge of all maintenance in the park, including making sure the park is clean and all dog waste is properly disposed of.


You can donate here to our 501(c)(3) help raise funds for the park!

Questions? Email Friendsoflitchfielddogpark@gmail.com

My pups Libby & Pickles can't wait to meet new friends at the Dog Park!